Roller derby is a growing sport, but there’s still a lot of people out there who haven’t heard of it, or remember the time of Skinny Minnie Miller (a lot has changed since then)! There are no stupid questions! You may find your answers on our list of Frequently Asked Questions, but if you don’t, please contact us. We love to talk about derby!

What’s the difference between low and full contact derby?
Full contact roller derby is generally faster, more physical, and more competitive than low contact. In full contact play (also known as level 3), a skater is allowed to gather momentum and speed to make direct contact with another skater. This results in some pretty spectacular hits! In low contact (also known as level 2) , a skater must be touching another skater with her hip/shoulder/side before pushing her off the track or out of the way. Full contact isn’t for everyone, and the same thing goes for low contact. We suggest checking out LOCO to see how it feels but if you are looking for the full contact experience you should check out our sister league Forest City Derby Girls.

What if I don’t know how to skate?
We will teach you everything you need to know, from stopping and falling, to game strategy and low contact hits, when you feel you’re ready.

But I’m super uncoordinated! I will fall!
You sure will! But we will teach you how to fall safely, and most importantly, how to get back up again! The gear makes it a relatively painless experience and will generally inspire more laughter than tears.

What gear do I need?
For your first time out all you need is a mouthguard and a water bottle. Because fit is so important, it’s helpful if you have a helmet. We supply the roller skates and gear. Email us in advance at londonmiddlesexrollerderby@gmail.com so we can organize the proper size of skates you’ll need.

Where can I buy a mouthguard?
Any sporting goods store carries them. Canadian Tire has a good selection, and they’ve been spotted at Home Hardware and Walmart. Price range is from $5-$40.

Am I too old?
Lots of our league members didn’t start playing until they were in their 40s and we know players who are killing it into their 50s! We will probably hang up our skates some day, but if you’re young enough to play soccer or baseball, or run, or go to the gym, you’re going to be just fine. Check out the Facebook groups “Derby Over 40” or “Derby Over 50” for inspiration.

Won’t I get injured?
Well, not gonna lie, it’s not a stitch & bitch. We skate around, we push each other over, and bodies hit the floor.

BUT, those bodies are covered in protective gear, and we teach you how to fall so you’re not as likely to hurt yourself if you go down. No one is pushing anyone over before you tell us you’re ready to learn how to do that!

Bottom line: it’s a sport, and just like soccer or baseball, an injury could occur. But it’s not like kickboxing on wheels, you can totally do this!

When are your games?
Our games run from April-October. Take a look at our game schedule on the Events page to stay updated on our games and social events.

Didn’t I see you playing at the Western Fair last year?
Nope! You probably saw our friends from Forest City Derby Girls, the local WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) full contact league. We enjoy watching their games too, but our take on the game is less intense, for sure.

I’m not an athlete. I’m totally out of shape!
This sport has the ability to get you totally into shape! It’s a full body workout that will give you great legs! We all support each other on and off the track, so you push yourself as much as you feel comfortable, and we’ll help you reach your fitness goals. You can start as slow as you need to, we never pressure girls into doing more if they aren’t ready for it.

I have a 3 year old and can’t make it out every week. Will that be a problem?
Not at all. You make it out when you can. There is NO pressure to come out every week. Our league is made up of young girls and women from all walks of life. We understand if life just gets in the way sometimes!

I love the sport, but I have a bad knee. Is there a way to get involved without skating?
Absolutely! We’re always looking for volunteers and NSOs (non-skating officials) for our games. We need people to help with everything from working the scoreboard, to selling merch at our games. Shoot us an email to let us know you’re interested and we’ll find the perfect job for you!

I’d love to come out to skate, but I don’t have childcare on practice night.
There are safe areas where school-age children can hang out while you practice (other skaters bring their children as well). Currently, it wouldn’t be safe for babies/toddlers, but we are open to the discussion of creating childcare options if we have enough members interested.

I have a toddler and can’t afford to get injured. How rough is roller derby?
If you would consider signing up for soccer or baseball, you have nothing to fear. If anything, you’re going to build up your endurance to chase that 3 year old around!

What should I wear to practice?
Think stretchy, comfortable, and breathable. You want to be able to move, and you don’t want to overheat. A sports bra is a great idea and socks are required. No need to break out the fishnets yet.